How To Resolve JPEG Not Importing to iPhoto Issue

iPhoto application is used to manage photos on your Mac. The photos are generally imported from the mobile phone or the digital camera. These photos are generally in the jpeg format and the are saved in the iPhoto library. There are many cases where the users have reported that the jpeg format images cannot be imported in iPhoto. The camera ot phones memory is limited and less so it must be transferred to the Mac iPhoto for easy managing of these photos. Now you are searching on the internet for how to resolve jpeg not importing to iPhoto issue. Sometimes you will also not be able to access the jpeg photos saved in the iPhoto library as you are getting some random error message while opening it. Below you will find the probable reason why you are getting this error and the proper solution to recover the jpeg images if lost ot corrupted.



If you are not able to import any particular jpeg file then may be the jpeg file you are trying to import is corrupted. If the issue is with all the jpeg file then there is corruption issue with the iPhoto application. The corruption can be caused if the application was not closed properly, or the system files are affected somehow due to virus infection or the hard drive error. If the update of the application was not done properly then also the application can get corrupted. The only thing you can do to fix iPhoto cannot recognize jpg image is to reinstall the software.

This may solve the issue but all the jpeg photos stored in the iPhoto library will be lost and also the other photo formats. The photos can be recovered by using the Time machine but if it does not work you can search for personal backup. If it is also not available then you can use the iPhoto recovery software to restore all the jpeg and other format images and repair them if needed. The software is very powerful yet very easy to use. You can quickly go though different steps of the recovery process and the you will get satisfying results with it. So download the software and get back all your favorite images.

iPhoto Recovery Software User Guide

Step 1 : Install the software on the Mac and run it.

Get Back Deleted Photos from iMac

Step 2 : Select the drive where the iPhoto pictures were saved.

Get Back Deleted Photos from iMac

Step 3 : select the picture file format you want to recover.

Step 4 : Select the images you want to recover from the preview.

Get Back Deleted Photos from iMac

Step 5 : Select the location where the images will be restored.

Get Back Deleted Photos from iMac



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